qtdriv = Qt PGPLOT device handler



qtdriv is a device handler for the PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library by T. J. Pearson. It implements a Qt widget to which plots may be drawn using standard PGPLOT subroutines. This widget responds to Qt events and enables interactive plotting in much the same way as the xmdriv device handler. The package includes an installation script for easily inserting the device handler into an existing PGPLOT distribution.

qtdriv is currently used by rhythm, an interactive plotting program for use in experimental pulsar timing.


To install qtdriv, you will need:
  1. Qt installed and the QTDIR environment variable set;
  2. PGPLOT installed and the PGPLOT_DIR environment variable set; and
  3. the PGPLOT source code in its original location (i.e. where it was when 'makemake' was run).


The qtdriv library is installed in $PGPLOT_DIR using the GNU autotools; i.e
make install
The installation step will attempt to recompile PGPLOT and insert the empty qtdriv handler. The real qtdriv device handler will be defined in libqpgplot.


Until some documentation is written, have a look at the example, qpgdemo (make qpgdemo).

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